What to Pack

We pride ourselves on our high repeat-camper rate, so we are pretty much experts on knowing what to pack to have the best weekend ever. Have a question? Just ask us!

Camp rules

experienced campers know

having a backpack makes you nice and mobile for hikes and bouncing between activities without having to revisit your cabin. A beach chair lets you cozily hang out on the waterfront. glow sticks make great light-up collars. water shoes and a swimsuit lets you swim with your dog. and dirty dogs have more fun, so don’t forget the towels!


human comforts

you are actually camping so Bring a sleeping bag, maybe an air mattress, towels and flashlights (bring more than you think you’ll need!). You’ll also appreciate having insect/tick repellent, maybe some Rain gear, a fan or spare blankets. Jenn and erica always have a travel coffee mug. And you’ll definitely want your camera!!


critter comforts

your pup will have more freedom if you have a safety light on her collar. Don’t forget lots of poo bags, a cozy dog bed and to label your dog’s food. refrigerators are available for raw/fresh feeders. A kong and some chew toys will help them settle in the cabin during meals and at nighttime.


toys & treats

LOTs of HIGH VALUE toys and treats! toys for swimming, fetching, and relaxing. Treats should be small and Better to have too much than too little. Other dogs and new settings can be distracting for your dog, so your treats need to really WOW your dog! Bring a variety and don’t forget the treat pouch!



Six foot leash. Buckle or Martingale collar. maybe a long line for off leash recalls or distraction work. harnesses help during parkour or hiking. sometimes we’ll ask that your dog be on leash to keep everyone safe around super exciting stuff like flyball and agility.


crates, gates & ex-pens

these can be used to help your dog feel more comfortable in their new cabin at camp. Also use these to give dogs separate spaces in their cabin. allows you to open doors to your cabin and keep dogs in, or hang on the porch with your pooch and watch the world go by.