Life at Camp

Canoe together in the lake, meet new friends, hear the latest on dog behavior and nutrition, and howl around the evening campfire…


the weekend

Camp Unleashed offers dogs and their people a weekend retreat that is organized to be fun, satisfying, relaxing and educational. Daily activities are planned to keep the dogs active and participatory.


the activities

Presentations and workshops teach campers how to take the best care of their dog. Sports are led by experts to engage the dogs and help campers understand how to maximize their dog's abilities. Participation in activities is optional, and some campers may choose to simply relax by the lake with their dogs. Example Schedule of events.


the meals

we’re proud to say that our campers truly love our menu! Three healthy adult meals, including vegetarian options are served daily, including a full salad bar. the day finishes off with wine and cheese before dinner and campfire s’mores after dinner. Campers bring their own dog food; refrigerators are available for raw/fresh food feeders.


the cabins

you can stay in your own private cabin, bring a friend to room with, or sign up to meet a new roommate at camp. cabins vary in their accommodations, but all are pet-friendly and our experienced campers can know how fun it is to share a sleeping bag with their furry friend! all camps are located in secluded, private, rustic places, far from traffic and roadways. enjoy the peace and quiet and view of the stars at night!


the dogs

the activities at camp are appropriate for dogs young and old, big or small, and any breed. Hundreds of dogs have attended Camp Unleashed with their people. enjoy watching your dog interact with other dogs, and enjoy the company of other dog lovers.


the rules

We have an established set of rules that each camper must follow. For example, we do not allow e-collar, shock, chain, choke or prong collars, or flexi-leads. Every dog must have certification of a current rabies vaccination (or titer), a Health Certificate from the vet within 30 days of camp, stipulating that the dog is free of any contagious skin condition or other health problem.