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Camp Unleashed activities optimize your dog's world
and help build the dog-human relationship.
Unleashed is a metaphor for seeing the world from the dog's point of view. All of Camp Unleashed activities are intended to optimize your dog's world and build the dog-human relationship.  The focus is on organized play, not competition.  Every dog is a winner.

There's a lot to do or nothing to do — it's completely your choice. We have a team of professionals to help you and your dog have the best possible experience. If you're not familiar with some of the activities, don't worry — nothing is intended to be too serious. We invite seniors, differently-abled dogs, and dogs who are not athletically inclined to enjoy Healing Touch, canine massage, and fresh country air!

Activities and workshops may vary with each session of camp. View a sample camp schedule.

Dogs love exploring the trails in the woods at camp.  We offer something to appeal to everyone:  gentle walks, vigorous hikes, 1/2 day hikes with picnic lunch, nature walks and mindfulness walks because on walks, the whole pack is focused on where it's going.  It's a great "leveler" for dogs who have issues, too, because they are so focused on utilizing all their senses in exploring what's ahead.

Off-Leash Skills & Canine Play Behavior
Off-leash play in wide open areas is essential a dog's well being.  Learn how to encourage safe play, distinguish rough housing from potential aggression, and  gain confidence in giving your dog freedom.

Our camps have private lakes that are available all day long for your dog to cool off, swim and play in. Swimming is the best exercise also for older dogs and being able to walk into a lake makes it easy for beginners as well as natural water dogs. Our Introduction class focuses on building joy around water for your dog and communication skills in water.  Many dogs learn to swim for the first time at Camp Unleashed! 

Canine Water Sports

Swimming safely alongside their human (or at a distance) is also the foundation for Canine Water Work and a fun new sport called Canine Water Sports (CWS).  Not only is this a great way to actively spend time with your canine pal --it also opens a whole new aquatic environment for your dog to utilize their magnificent senses as well as build their confidence and enhance your relationship.  In fact, being in the water with your dog, you can be literally eye-to-eye or shoulder-to-shoulder, bringing a fresh awareness to your
connection. More advanced swimmers can learn to do easy water tricks on our water platforms.

The sport of Agility is comprised of a course set-up with different obstacles including jumps, tunnels, a dog walk, a see-saw or teeter, an A-frame and weave poles. You and your dog have to really work together as a team to run through the course together, which is what makes it such a popular dog sport.  Dogs jump, climb, tunnel and weave.  Practicing Agility with your dog enhances the bond between you and provides great healthy exercise for you both.  Unlike many other dog sports, Agility is relatively easy to start (for the dogs at least!).  Most dogs love to jump and can have fun right away, regardless of experience. If you're advanced, our coaches will help you work on specific maneuvers or practice run-throughs. Please note that while we offer agility presented by agility instructors, the emphasis at Camp Unleashed is on partnership with your dog and learning about your dog, rather than instruction for advancing in competition agility.

Dock Diving
In Dock Diving, dogs race down a dock then fly off the end and into the water. Distance is the goal. Dock jumping isn't just for big retrievers — if your dog loves water and loves to jump, definitely give it a try!  We teach beginners!

Doglish As A Second Language

To understand what your dog is feeling, you need to learn how to recognize, read, interpret, and respond appropriately to your dog’s behaviors and communications.   In other words, you need to know “Dog-Lish, as a Second Language.” 

Scent Games
From the moment your dog is born, she/he dog lives in a world rich with scents.  Scent work provides an outlet for your dog's natural instinct for the hunt and is very stimulating as well as mentally and emotionally satisfying. All you need to do is teach your dog specifically how you want her/him to use his astonishing olfactory powers.  The easiest way to accomplish this is through games. Whether you want to track for fun, or see if your dog has what it takes to be part of a Search & Rescue team, you both will have a blast.   It can also serve to build confidence in some dogs as well as improve your partnership. 

Teach Your Dog New Tricks 
Watching your dog learn real new tricks gives you a new appreciation for canine intelligence.  This workshop focuses on building skills together with your dog, understanding canine learning theory and more.  Tricks that can be learned are: Spin, Sit Pretty, Cover Your Eyes, Paws Up, Shake, and Soccer.

Paint Your Pup
A novel approach to having fun while expressing yourself through paint with our dogs as the connectors to our "inner artist."   

AAT…Animal Assisted Therapy…Is it right for my dog and me?
Do you have a wonderful dog you would like to share with others? Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) Therapy is bringing companion animals — most commonly dogs — to various institutions such as residential homes for developmentally disabled people or at-risk youth, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and community centers, to name a few.  
Find out how and where to start, what are the certifying organizations, how to get the training you need, and what is the right fit for you and your dog.  We’ll discuss training, what’s tested in an evaluation, visiting readiness, opportunities, costs and insurance.    Anyone currently involved with AAT is welcome to come and join the discussion and help others join the ranks for the most rewarding opportunities you and your dog   can share with your community.

Barks & Crafts

You can make a fun tug toy, decorate a frame for your dog's photo, create a dog brag book or use materials found in nature to create a piece of art. We're always adding new dog-related projects.  Relax and enjoy some music and sip a little wine while you sit, chat and create, as your dog rests at your feet.  


Canine Cognitive Games
Learn and explore a variety of interactive activities as you discover how new reseach findings in canine cognitive science can bring you closer to your dog.  The focus of this workshop is to go beyond training to communicating and bonding using the latest cutting edge research discoveries. From communicating using just our eyes or by simply pointing to teaching object identification and much more.

Canine Good Citizenship (CGC)
The American Kennel Club began the Canine Good Citizen Program in 1989 as a means of rewarding dogs of all breeds and mixes who are well-behaved companions at home and in the community. To earn your CGC certificate, you and your dog must pass a 10-step test that includes skills such as: basic sit, down, stay, come, walking on leash with control, polite greetings, etc. Earning the CGC award will ensure that your dog is a well-respected member of your community. If you are considering therapy work with your dog, the CGC is a standard part of the required testing. At Camp Unleashed we will have a practice session in which the 10 skills are demonstrated and you will have supervised time to practice before taking the test. The following day the test will be offered for all participants.

Canine Massage How-to
Learn how to give your dog a relaxing body massage by using basic massage strokes and specific massage techniques. Canine massage offers many physical and emotional benefits for your dog. It relaxes and tones muscles, increases flexibility, relieves discomfort from arthritis, builds the immune system, lowers stress/anxiety and enhances mental focus.

Canoeing with your Dog
Dogs love the new experience of traveling by canoe. They get to smell all kinds of new things and you will have a richer experience just by observing their senses at work. Learn how to safely condition your dog to enter and exit the canoe and maintain balance. Life jackets will be provided for both humans and dogs.

Clicker Training
"Clicker Training" describes a way of training animals that has become increasingly popular in the last decade because of its gentle methods. The scientific term for it is operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is the way any animal (including humans) interacts with and learns from its environment. Simply put, an animal tends to repeat an action that has a positive consequence. You can take advantage of that natural tendency by providing positive reinforcement for an action that you want the animal to repeat by "marking" the behavior with a clicking sound as it is happening so that the dog associates the behavior with the reward.   Its value is that the unique sound doesn't get lost in the babble of words we are constantly throwing at our dogs and is faster than saying "Good dog!"  Paired with something the animal finds very reinforcing (such as a high reward treat), the clicker becomes a powerful tool for shaping behavior.

Creating An Optimal Diet for Your Dog

It is easy, economical, and fulfilling to make your own food for your dog. We'll go over a whole bunch of options for providing a varied and balanced diet as well as tips to individualize your meal plan to best suit your dog. There will be a demo of both a cooked and a raw meal and discussion of ingredients options and blending homemade and commercial diets.

Do It Yourself Grooming:  Tips from a Pro
How to clean your dog's ears, teeth and fur plus basic brushing techniques and everything else you wanted to ask a groomer!

Exploring the Dog-Human Relationship 
Various guest lecturers including psychologists, trainers, and ethologists (animal behavior experts) present on the topic most central to our mission at Camp Unleashed.

Fit for Life

This is an interactive program by a certified canine rehabilitation specialist intended to provide participants with guidelines for selecting the best exercises for their canine companion throughout their lifetime. The focus is on injury prevention and total fitness so that a safe conditioning program can be developed for any stage of life.  Balance Equipment such as therapy balls are used to demonstrate specific exercises that augment a home exercise program.  

How Dogs Learn
Are dogs really members of a pack? Are YOU supposed to be the Pack Leader? What about those terms "dominant," "submissive," "alpha dog"? How do dogs really learn?  This workshop will help you gain an understanding of the cutting edge science of canine behavior or why dogs do the things they do and how we can use this knowledge in shaping their behavior.

Integrative Veterinary Medicine Approach to Optimal Health for Your Dog
Combining traditional veterinary medicine with a natural, holistic approach, integrative veterinary medicine provides the best possible diagnosis and treatment options for your dog's health both physically and emotionally.  Practices such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, hydrotherapy, use of flower essences, homeopathy, nutrition, canine massage and others are explained as well as the latest info on over vaccinations, when to titer and how to prevent and treat Lyme disease.   

Learning to Read Your Dog:  Stress,  Communication, and Conflict Resolution in Dogs
Dogs communicate with each other and with us all the time.  Learning to read your dog's signals enables you to better understand your dog's state of being and her individual needs.

Natural Nutrition
Good nutrition is the cornerstone of health and well being for your dog.  Experts on the topic present the latest findings on canine nutrition, the benefits  of various diets, including Bones & Raw Food (BARF), how to provide the necessary supplements to ensure your dog is getting a complete balanced and bioavailable diet, how to prepare a homemade diet and how to switch safely from one to the other. 

Nature Hikes & "Smell Walks"
Take a leisurely walk and really look at the woods.  Learn to make your way in thick cover and identify plants and mushrooms. We will talk about what you need when you take your dog on a hike or nature foray and how to make yourself and dog hunter and bear safe.  

Picture Perfect Pooch

We will take some great candid shots of your beloved buddy by learning to utilize your camera's options..  Bring your point and shoot digital camera AND MANUAL.  We will walk, talk and snap.  Take each others pictures  Oh!... and have fun!


Positive Approaches to Behavior Challenges  Open forum for questions about behavior challenges and new perspectives on your relationship with your dog. Through discussion and demonstration we explore how dogs view their world, how our behavior influences their behavior, and how to solve problems using positive reinforcement.

Counter Surfing, Jumping, Barking, Oh My!
Whether it's counter surfing, jumping on visitors, or inappropriate barking, learn how to shape your dog's behavior through effective communication.

Recall Skills
Knowing your dog will come to you when you call him is an essential component for a happy dog and a fun relationship. Not only can it be critical for safety reasons, it will enable you to give your dog the freedom to run that she needs and give you the confidence that she will return when you call her. 

Vet Tech's Guide to Emergency First Aid
How to deal with emergencies, create your own first aid kit, and the inside scoop on vaccinations, tick prevention, heartworm medication and more!